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     Your  company should be seen by as many potential customers as you can afford.  That understood, you can achieve dramatic results with limited cash outflow on the internet.  From online low cost print services  for  smart looking business cards and other essential business printing requirements, to registering your business in GOOGLE PLACES  ( the modern day Yellow Pages ) this will afford you the comfort of  knowing your business is at least present, in a good way, for the online consumer.  All these recommendations provide excellent services in a wide range of prices allowing you to prioritize your online  company budget.  It does not have to be expensive !  While you are at it sign up for Google Voice and use the flexible features there for modern day business voicemail. NEW !  Now Google Voice has Call Waiting !

      Then go to bing for a free search for your company.  Follow the prompts to get a free listing in the bing business portal for your business.
YAHOO! also offers a free business listing service, we recommend using all three.  Always take the free mobile listings when available. 
note:  Mobile Marketing: Points to Ponder
If you have not already designed your website to accommodate mobile think about the following. According to CTIA/mobiThinking there are 285.6 million mobile subscribers in the US and 5.3 billion worldwide. Gartner projects that mobile access to the web will surpass access by PCs in 2013. Mobile coupons are redeemed at 10x the rate of their mail or newspaper counterparts, Borrell Associates Mobile is expected to grow 8X by 2020 !

     Having your URL,  (input your business name here).com e.g. Show My, is what you should acquire and its mobile URL, .mobi will guarantee your business name ownership on the internet and it affords you a free place to also have a website with the numerous companies through which you do your URL name searching an procurement. Go Daddy is one of the most widely known such sites & offering a special price on the mobile version of your name, e.g.(your business name) .mobi, last we checked so try to get both if possible, afterall it is your business !   And if you are not at ease with creating your own website (at least register with everyone to have your business information: location, contact numbers, hours of operation on the web ) at Go Daddy using the simple to use websitetonite online service ( really user friendly interface ) or you can use their fairly priced service to make it for you.  Putting your business logo in selected Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites advertisements couldn’t be easier for the beginner.    A multitude of services for increasing traffic to your business presence online is at the highly recommended I Need Hits..    
 You should take the time to click on all the Links on this page there will be many useful free tools to increase your company and its online performance in the world wide marketplace.

I Need Hits is very important to your success regardless of how much your website budget is.

     When all your online traffic produces customers and sales,  it is as they advertise, Fun & painless to do all your Invoices, Billing & Payments at
FRESHBOOKS .  Where they will send out your bills even through snailmail if you want. They are giving three accounts for Free presently, which may be all you need !

Links for all my recommendations mentioned are at the end of the page. 

    You want to Show My Company, you do not want to show the world your private life at the same time.  With more business presence online you also should increase your private identity security.  If your company business takes you outside of the USA you might need censorship bypass for the country (countries) your visiting and the ability to view not so vital content from outside your home nation. Hide Me Online provides what you need.

   This is your constitutional right so go to Hide Me Online and read more about the freeware available along with download links . 

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